Friday, July 27, 2007


Dubai Airport

Greetings from Dubai International Airport. I'm on my 22 hour journey back to Germany. After almost exactly a year in Singapore, I finally have to go back.

Right now I am sitting on the airport waiting for my connection flight to Frankfurt. I have 9(!) hours waiting time here, what to do with 9 hours at the airport? The airport is not bad, there are worse (although Changyi is still better :) but nine hours? At least it has WiFi, so I can email and skype around the world.

I think about buying tickets for the lucky draw, you can win a Porsche or a Harley. It's a 1:1000 chance to win. But for Singapore you need to buy the license, very expensive.

I'm very tired. My flight left Singapore at 2 am in the morning and I hardly slept on the plane. This leaves me with 32 hours without sleep and counting. I can't seem to sleep though because somebody special is missing.

baby :) the airport looks liek a mall and My darling looks liek he lacks sleeeeeepp :)

missing you too.. hope you can sleep better tonight :) looks liek i might have to send an emergency "ANTI-INSOMNIA" package to germany, contents include.... a shirt and others ;)... :) at least you wont' be on jet lag :)
Oh the CAR looks nice. :) i'l pray for your number to be drawn.. haha nice having a porsche to drive around..
do they include a bumper sticker that says " my other car is a porsche too" :)
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