Friday, July 27, 2007


A Journey to the West(?)

Now I will probably have to rename the blog into "A Journey to the West". I'm back on the way to Germany. I will still keep this blog, but with a slightly different intention: When I started I wanted to keep people in Germany updated on what I am doing in Singapore, now I want to keep people in Singapore updated how are things in Germany.

This is also the reason why the language has switched to English. I hope I can fill the blog with some interesting stuff from Karlsruhe and Germany. I am not sure if I will keep my 'Food of the Month' post, though (what to present, Schnitzel and Bratwurst?)

I want myu pretzel.. oh and guess what on TV today on the food show .. there is this faboulous swiss bakery and German bakery (authentic) but in east coast that sells really nice food! :) we'll keep that in mind when u get back :) more NICE BREAD .. oh i suppose we wont' need it as someone is bakin me FRESH bread everydya :) whahahah
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