Friday, August 03, 2007


First Day@SAP Research

After two days of SAPStart Orientation Program in Walldorf-Rot, I started in SAP Research in Karlsruhe today. The problem was that my user is not created yet, so I couldn't access my computer. As a Software Engineer this is a problem.

But other than that SAP seems to be a good place to work. And that is not only because of the free coffee :) The workplace is really cool, people always address each other by their first name, there are coffee corners and other places where you can just meet and chat. Of course the SAP building here in Karlsruhe is not as impressive as the HQ in Walldorf the last few days, but still not bad.
And things like training new interns seem to be handled handled professionally.

Karlsruhe in summer is nice by the way. After one year of tropical climate the weather here seems almost Mediterranean. Although it is slightly too cold for this time of the year.

Have a great weekend!

weather in singapore has finally turned hot after one whole week of rain and rain. :) launndry is out.. :)
that's the difference between overseas companies and singapore. i gues they are trying to move into that direcrtion. so funny listerining to the radio acknowledging companies that have contributed significantly to the country ie letting their men off to train for the annual physical fitness test for army and helping th goverment promote patriotism... haha I have yet to hear a company getting an award for best welfare ie free sleep stations, flexible work hours etc..
Yeah I think western companies give their employees much more benefits in terms of welfare, work-life balance etc.

And SAP is renowned for the long list of benefits for employees. The list includes kindergarden, tennis, 24 hours insurance, gym,......

But in the end it is quite smart of them to invest in their employees and make sure they are comfortable. Because for a IT company like SAP it is crucial to attract the best people and also to keep them.

To speak in Singapore terms: Must attract all the (foreign and local) talent :)
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