Thursday, August 02, 2007


First Day@SAP

My first day at SAP started with a small surprise. Instead of going to my work place in Karlsruhe straight away, I was asked to attend a orientation event at SAP HQ. So I had to drive there this morning. Luckily I still have my car, otherwise it would have been quite a journey.

The SAPStart program is quite fun so far. A number of presentations that introduce you to the company, tell you the does and don'ts and a number of networking sessions where you meet your new colleagues and coworkers. The event is quite big, at least 50 people, so I wonder how frequently they have this event, every week, month, two month?

Too bad, I didn't bring a camera to the event today, the place looks really nice. There is a small lake outside the canteen, people sit on the stairs or the ground and have lunch or assemble in cozy coffee corners to discuss stuff. And the best thing is lunch is free as is the coffee, tea and water. Good stuff.

well thinks you are in a very good company :) loosk liek they look after the welfare of their workers well :) must feed this german duck or he'll not function :)

:) drive safely everyday there k. hugs
waiting for you
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