Sunday, August 12, 2007



Today my parents and me went to a day trip to Strasbourg in France. Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace, the France-German border region in the south. Strasbour is a very historic city and a very European one too: the Strasbourg cathedral is one of the most important churches in Europe and today Strasbourg is the location of the European parliament.

Strasborg is something like my "main attraction", everytime somebody comes to visit me I take him/her to see Strasbourg, as I think it is really worth a visit.
The historic town center has a lot of old houses and narrow streets. The town also has all this nice "French" character with street cafes, quite backyards and so on. As soon as you cross the border things just seem different, even if you cannot tell directly why, you just know that you are in France now.

I put up some photos from our trip today. Go have a look.

hey there! thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures :) looks good :) looks like a quaint little town with much historical value!the cathedral looks impressive like notre dame!! haha mayb i haven seen that many grand cathedrals before. melb had a couple nice ones too in city centre.
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