Monday, October 22, 2007


Second Bundesliga Weekend in Bremen

I just returned from the match against Bremen today. In the Squash Bundesliga the matches are always on Friday and on Sunday. One day will be home and the other away. From all the clubs that play in the league Bremen is by far the farthest. That is why we drove to Bremen on Saturday already.

We lost our match against Bremen 0:4, only Ruben Glatt got close to a match point. The worst about our result today is that Bremen is a direct competitor in the league when it comes to not going down this year.

Gary Wheadon:Andre Holderegger 11:10(2:0) 11:2 11:1 3 : 0
Heiko Schwarzer : Benjamin Fischer 11:10(2:0) 6:11 11:7 11:5 3 : 1
Norman Junge : Ruben Glatt 8:11 10:11(5:7) 11:5 11:10(2:0) 11:7 3 : 2
Felix Unger : Daniel Dahlmeier 11:5 11:3 11:8 3 : 0

well done :) i love you :) *muakz* so proud of you
so proud, Yee Lin?????? It was 3:0, not o:3, hahaha see jo soon, proud Daniels Papa
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