Saturday, October 20, 2007


Second Bundesliga Weekend

Today we had our 3rd Bundesliga match of the season. We played against Stuttgart in a all Baden-Wuerttemberg Derby.Unfortunately our team was weakened by the absence of our number 2 Marco Deeg who has the flu. Because of this I got play Bundesliga again, but lost clearly 0:3 to Dennis Drenjosvky.
But our team could still gain a 2:2 draw and conquer the first point for this season.

The complete results:
Andre Holderegger : Patrick Gässler 7:11 9:11 2:11 0:3
Benjamin Fischer : Moritz Dahmen 4:11 11:7 11:8 11:9 3:1
Ruben Glatt : Jan Ole Bleil 11:1 11:3 11:7 3:0
Daniel Dahlmeier : Dennis Drenjovski 4:11 6:11 6:11 0:3

On Sunday we have to play against Bremen. So far!! It is like driving from Singapore to Ipoh to play one game!

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