Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Apologies to all those who cannot follow the above word game. It is mocking the name of the half state owned bank "Sparkasse" (save+bank) to "Spasskasse" (fun+bank). Anyway, why would I write about my bank? I tried to get a bank draft for my NUS Grad School application. Obviously the bank draft would have to be in Singapore Dollar.
I explained this to the person at the bank at least twice. They said they would send me a check book and assured me that the checks would work in Singapore.

When I received the checks I found that they all carry the currency Euro. So I went back there today to find out that these checks can only be used here and NOT in Singapore. Then two bank persons had to spend another 10min minutes on the phone to find out HOW to do a bank draft for Singapore and now it takes another week until the bank draft will be ready! They better hurry and do it properly this time.....

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Wow, da hast du deine Provinzbank ja noch stärker gefordert als ich meine. Wollte vor ein paar Tagen einen Scheck bei der Volksbank in Mannheim (VB Rhein-Neckar) einlösen. Das ging aber nicht, weil ich mein Konto bei der VB Paderborn-Höxter habe. Bankgeschäfte sind bei Spasskasse und Volksbank doch noch recht regional...
Haha, stimmt wohl. Als ich gesagt habe ich brauche einen Bank Draft, haben die mich nur komisch angeschaut. Also nochmal langsam :"Bank Draf", "BANK DRAFT". Ich dachte schon ich muss es buchstabieren :)
Dabei gibt es doch kaum eine Branche die so global verflochten ist wie der Finanzsektor.

Also man sieht sich am Wochenende.
helo darling, did you get your bank draft? its jus funny how come e banks dont' issue international cheques.maybe its a small branch though. :) yeah i kinda take it for granted that all banks are like singapore banks (super efficient) that i got a shock when i went to melb and i had to manually queue, fill up my forms and it closes liek during lunch and so EARLY! :( oh well good luck. if u want i can pay the stuff for u first u know :)
Yes, finally I got my bank draft. I think it is just because this bank is more a regional-state owned bank - a bank where ordinary people can bring their savings and safe for their retirements - not a global bank.
Yes, Singapore is definitely more efficient, although I did have my trouble with them too, if you remember :)
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