Saturday, October 06, 2007


Squash Bundesliga

The Squash league has started into the new season this weekend. Our club, the 1. Squash Racket Club Karlsruhe, is back in the first league, the Bundesliga. Yesterday we had the first match of the season agsinst the team from Taufkirchen, near Munich.

Our No.3 Benjamin Fisher had exam and couldn't come. As a result our No.4 Ruben Glatt moves up to No.3 and I moved to No4 and got my Bundesliga comeback after Singapore.

I had good start against my opponent Norbert Straub and won the first set 11:9. But then I had to pay for my long absence from the league and the hard matches and lost 11:9 6:11 4:11 4:11.

Ruben lost hist game 1:3 too. Then our No.1 Nicklas Mueller, Swiss Number 1 and European Junior Champion had a tough fight with world No.41 Ritwik Bhattacharya and lost in a close match 2:3. Marco Deeg could retrieve the point of honor with a clear 3:0 victory.

The complete results:

Ritwik Bhattacharya : Nicklas Müller 10:11(0:2) 11:9 11:10(4:2) 7:11 11:5
Martin Maierhofer : Marco Deeg 9:11 5:11 10:11(0:2)
Matthias Maierhofer : Ruben Glatt 11:7 11:4 9:11 11:9
Norbert Straub : Daniel Dahlmeier 9:11 11:6 11:4 11:4

:) well done darling! sounds like fun all the travelling EXCEPT i don't believe they make you return back ur attire!!! :(
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