Saturday, October 27, 2007


SYSTEMS - Ideas for better business?????

Here a short report from today's trip to the Business IT Fair SYSTEMS in Munich today. Our faculty had a few free tickets up for grab, so my friend Andy and I decided to go, why not?

After attending a few talks and presentations and talking to some of the companies at their booth we came to the following conclusion:

1. The talks are too "shallow", there is not enough "meat" there. We attended this talk about strategic data protection for companies and all it was saying was: "Yes, data protection is important and this is where data is lost and we can help you protect it". As if we hadn't know the first two points already, why would we be there to the talk?! In other words, the speaker didn't deliver, he didn't say WHAT exactly this company can offer and HOW they do it. We both agreed that we would not hire that company for this reason.

2. Company presentations are quite interchangeable. Every major company presents themselves as "global", "flexible", "you get training and career track", etc. Because everyone says so already it is hard to tell in how far this is actually true.

3. Job interview can be tricky. There was a talk from a former HR executive who spoke about how he used to "grill" people in an interview, ie asking "Can you draw/swim/cycle?" just to see if the person on the other side of the table has the guts to answer a "yes/no" question. ;)

Bottom line, we agreed that we can do the presentations better and can also be more competent in many technical questions than some of the staff on the booth. So we are about to make it better next time when we are working :)

looks like a poorly organized fair! :) well who knows you might be there giving speeches and promoting sAP (if u work for them_) in e future:)
mayb u shoudl attend medical IT conferences. I'm sure they have them.. these computer systems in teh hospital are SO lousy :( but then again everyone wants to SAVE costs...
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