Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Do you have a Graduate School?

I will apply! My (prospective) PhD Supervisor in NUS suggested that I would apply for another PhD program in NUS, just in case my first application is not successful.

This sounds like a reasonable plan, only that the deadline for the application is Thursday, this Thursday, that is TOMORROW!! And I only got my professors email on Monday. Considering the amount of time that I spent on my first application, this seems pretty daunting, as I need the same documents again, eg. two letters of recommendation, transcript, etc.

The good news is, you can apply online. So I submitted my online application this morning and will send the remaining documents in late.

I am in a Graduate School application mood now, I should just make a few more copies of everything and apply to every Graduate School in Singapore :)

PS: of course I need a BANK DRAFT for my application again......... (to be continued)

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in Germany many people have to write hundreds of applications for a job. Every number below ten is NOTHING!! (I pray for you) Yourdad
Just a follow up on the bank draft:

different Sparkasse branch (main branch), same story: some young chap behind the counter who doesn't know a thing. At least this time I kind of knew how the bank draft should look like, so it was slightly faster and they send the bank draft to my address in a couple of days.
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