Sunday, November 18, 2007


Happy 35th Birthday Computer Science Faculty

Our faculty celebrated it's 35th birthday this week. Our university was the first in Germany to establish a faculty for Computer Science in 1972.

It was surprising to hear that our Professors from the first and second year, Prof Gerhard Goos and Prof Peter Lockemann, were actually among the founding father of the faculty and therefore of Computer Science as a whole in Germany.

The celebration ceremony itself was a bit boring though. I think the Dean's office somehow didn't invite the students for the event, I think I was almost the only student in the event. The next older bunch of people were some PhD students, the rest were all Professors, former professors and representatives from the ministry, city etc.

Somehow I had the feeling that the ceremony didn't live up to my expectations. When we think of ourselves as such a great Elite-University and our faculty is among the largest on campus and arguably the most renowned, I would have expected a bigger "firework". The whole event had less that 100 people in the audience, I would say.

So long and thanks for the coffee and cake :)

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:) jus dropped a note coz i was BOREd. and sniffin away

i missed u
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