Friday, November 23, 2007


My New Home

If you are looking for me these days, your best chances might be to look for me here.
Night times included ;)

(The picture shows the 24h library of the university)

oh no my ducky is now becoming a library duck. hugs

poor u. i NEVER ever stay inthe library although i really think i shoudl. excpet that mayb i cannot take the cold very well :(

No no, the library here is not cold, not like the air-coned freezing cold library in Singapore.
kity has to start studying her pathology. ITS SO MUCH :( but dunno where to start
dunno how to start :(
...."but dunno where to start
dunno how to start :( "......

oh, we have 2 cemeteries with many nice things in Paderborn, there you can start in 3 wochen

haha it would be a nice idea to start diggin up the graves BUT i think i'll land up in jail after that for desecration of cemeteries. haha that'll be a good way to make it to the headlines "medical student digs up tombs for her final exams"
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