Sunday, November 25, 2007


University Championships

Last weekend our university hosted the German University Championships in Squash (individual). Unlike other countries university level sports is not a big issue in Germany. Last year the squash championship did not even take place, as nobody organized it.

The tournament went smoothly and even attracted some of the German top players to come to Karlsruhe.
The tournament mode included a qualification round with group matches.
I played in the A-field, whre I passed the qualification round to enter the main draft, but then lost against the later runner-up. After that I continued in the plate on Sunday and finished the tournament as runner-up of the plate.

Bottom line: a fun tournament with good atmosphere and a sign that squash at university level is not dead in Germany yet. Let's hope it continues like this in the future.

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:) well done my husband :) hugs really proud of you :)

think its a good sign that there is still some spirit in the squash scene there unlike here in singapore.

even if they organized a tournye i dunno how many ppl it will attract. and to start off with, we don't have that many universities and

tis quite true, the "power-play" is obvious i.e. nus has most of the best players and that itself is not tantalizing for other unis to devote their time and money for this.

sad attitude.

but then agian, the university is not supportive of squash, simply becuase the national scene is so dead.

hehe Yee Lin, you must bring your indoor shoes to Paderborn, I´ll borrow you my squash racket.Then you can check it out,how dead the squash scene is in Germany.
cu in less then 3weeks from mow. :-) yourdad
:) :) :) :) i will bring my racket n shoes for sure to burn off the xmas fats!!:)
don't waste the room with a racket, Daniel needs all reserves for the move.
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