Thursday, December 20, 2007


Many Partings

After more than five years in Karlsruhe it is time to say goodbye.

Although I haven't finished my diploma yet and have to go back to Karlsruhe to defend my thesis next year, my time in Karlsruhe is almost over. I moved out my apartment, gave away my furniture and carried all my stuff back to Paderborn.

Time to say thank you:

I want to thank my co-students and friends in university for countless hours of sitting together in lectures and over assignments. I don't think anybody of us would be in where he is today without good team work, mutual support and help.

I want to thank my Squash team and club mates. I found a new Squash home and many new friends there and had the great opportunity in life to play Bundesliga.

I want to thank my friends from my student dormitory HFK. It was a true home away from home during the first two years.

I want to thank my ex-colleagues at the Fraunhofer Institute in Karlsruhe. The work experience and training I received there were just as valuable as the best lecture.

Last but not least I also want to thank the university with it's tough, math-intensive curriculum. Although it was a struggle during the first years, on a backward perspective I believe that we benefited a lot from it.

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