Monday, August 25, 2008


You are out of here

My first attempt to publish an academic paper was rejected. The result came in two days ago on Saturday. Its a bit disappointing to see my paper rejected, because of the extra work that I put in towards the final stage of my diploma thesis (which was already under strict time constrains) and secondly because the initial reviewer response were surprisingly positive and we already deemed our submission successful.

Let's see it from a "Squash perspective": Those matches that you loose usually teach you more than those that you win. They don't taste as sweet and nobody likes loosing, but it just gives us the chance to reflect on ourselves, train harder and try again the next time. So back to training/studying. The next conference will come for sure.


hey hubby, i'm sorry about your paper rejection. but i'm sure u deserve a better conference next time :) don't worry about this one.. i'm sure it's just a stepping stone for greater heights. sorry about the cliche :) but i'm sure you know what i'm talking about
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