Monday, September 08, 2008


中秋节 -Mid-Autumn festival

It is the time of the mid-autumn festival, or also called the mooncake festival in Singapore. At this time of the year, the moon is especially round and beautiful, so people gather together, light lanterns, eat mooncake and enjoy the beauty of the moon.

Today we bought our supply of mooncakes. The traditional cakes are filled with a paste made from lotus or red bean, but these days you can also buy more exotic version that taste like, green tea, black sesame, or even durian :)
The cakes are not cheap though, one cake costs about S$10-S$13 (the small cakes are slightly cheaper).

According to a popular folk story, the mooncake festival plays a role in the rebellion of the Chinese against the Mongolian rulers during the Yun dynasty. The Chinese passed little messages when to start the uprising inside the mooncake, because the Mongolians would not eat it (and therefore would not suspect anything). Today, some mooncakes have a egg yolk inside that represents the message.


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