Monday, November 24, 2008



The semester is over (so FAST!!) and now the exams are here. Not that I had that many exams, merely two finals in this week and that is it already. Today was the first and it was quite sh*** already. I am not sure whether it was really so difficult, but it didn't go all to smooth.

Which brought me back to think what would be my current CAP if the exam does not turn out to be an A. For those who don't know what CAP is, it is basically a weighted average score of a student's grades. And because our graduate school expects its scholars to top of the crop, we must maintain a CAP of at least 3.8 which is about B+ and above. For that reason, one might be tempted to sign up for a few easy modules (anything in management will do, I guess) to increase the CAP score. And in fact, students sometimes take up modules that are supposed to be easy to increase their scores. Only what happens if a lot of people decide to make the same move and end up int he same class? As the scores are moderated, the standard of the class should automatically rise and it should get harder to score A.

But now is not enough time to make a detailed study in student's behavior, the next exam is on Wednesday. Hopefully that one will be more successful and I can increase my CAP to > 3.8 again ;)


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